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The software suite that monitors and configures all security and IOT devices on your network to optimize your awareness, insight, and performance. Cutting edge technology that offers functionality to perform completely remote deployments for all of their security and IOT based solutions – including Video Management Systems, Access Control, Building Control and Analytics.

Purpose-Built Hardware

Unlike our competitors who offer just one or two cookie cutter solutions, our team at Serverli has designed a diverse portfolio of cutting edge and customizable hardware solutions.

To ensure superior quality and performance, we employ leading-edge technology and work with OEM equipment. We utilize partners including Dell, Lenovo, and NVIDIA, to create scalable, efficient designs that meet and exceed all of our customer’s various and unique demands.

Strategy and Guidance

Serverli is a global provider of Consultative Services to help any size organization comprehensively deploy, monitor and optimize their full software and hardware security and IoT infrastructure. We not only ensure your network is robust enough to handle the throughput you are utilizing, but advise on budget, scalability and efficiency.

With our decades of industry knowledge, we deliver solutions that will supply cutting edge technology, drive growth and accelerate the outcomes and metrics that matter to you.

Any Industry - Every Challenge


Smart IoT and security solutions make retail safer and more profitable


The new realities of public venues require more vigilance and technological capabilities


Data drives everything, including Situational Awareness, Tactical Planning, and Operational Intelligence


Children and educators can focus on learning when Serverli provides the right security infrastructure.


Safety on the roads is achieved by using technology to monitor what humans can’t


Smart design delivers safety, security, sustainability, as well as room for innovation when the right solutions are applied

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Serverli is the global leader in advanced technological solutions for Computer Vision, AI, physical security, HyperConverged Infrastructures, and more. With decades of experience, the team at Serverli designs systems that are effective, efficient, and scalable.