Infrastructure Management

Extensive Insight

Robust Governance

At Serverli, we offer premium infrastructure management, providing exceptional oversight, monitoring, and governance for your interconnected security and IoT ecosystem. With our comprehensive approach, you can count on reliable operation, scalability, and the ability to effectively manage diverse devices. Maximize the performance and efficiency of your integrated security and IoT system with confidence.

Serverli MD

Serverli MD is a powerful, yet easy to use platform that provides extensive insight and visibility into all security and IoT devices – proactively sending audience specific alerts and notifications of any disturbance in the network. With 24/7 real-time monitoring and diagnostics on premise or in the cloud, Serverli MD tracks the overall health of your network from the most complex server down to the smallest sensor.

Serverli CCM

Serverli CCM is a scalable, cloud-based orchestration solution for the distributed edge that delivers visibility, control and security for edge computing deployments in the field. Cutting edge technology enabling remote deployments for all of your security and IoT based solutions. With an intuitive interface and pre-configured apps, Serverli CCM takes the complexity of IT out of the equation – a solution where you can just simply deploy and start adding devices.