Features of Serverli MD

User Interface

Serverli MD sports a custom user interface, laser-focused on
security and IoT. Additionally, the design is mobile-friendly
and responsive, ensuring administrators can access the
platform from anywhere, anytime.

Vendor Neutrality

In a world dominated by various device manufacturers, Serverli MD stands out as a
vendor-agnostic solution. This means it can seamlessly integrate with equipment from
different makers without bias.

Extensive Device Monitoring

Serverli MD supports monitoring through multiple protocols such as SNMP, IPMI, HTTP,
API, SDK, and even boasts an interactive rules engine feature.

It can monitor:

Serverli MD is vigilant, providing immediate alerts for:

Hardware failures like offline status, drive failure, degraded RAID array, RAID controller
issues, and failures in components such as CPU, Memory, Power Supply, NIC, GPU, and
Fans. Operating System or Software Anomalies across various OS like Windows 10, Server
versions, Linux distributions like Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat, Debian, and Raspberry Pi. It
also tracks database performance, storage space, errors, changes in service status, and
connectivity. Hardware Baseline/Threshold detections encompassing memory usage, CPU usage,
drive usage, read/write errors, POE wattage usage, bandwidth consumption, dropped
packets, and ping times.

Predictive Alerts

Beyond proactive alerts, Serverli MD is forward-looking. It employs trend analysis and
historical data collection to anticipate potential future issues. Any concerning patterns
or anomalies trigger email notifications to security administrators.

Additional Tools

To further empower businesses, Serverli MD comes with other utilities such as:

In essence, Serverli MD acts as a vigilant sentinel for modern security infrastructures,
offering deep insights and proactive measures to ensure optimal performance and